Custom Blinds Virus Updates

We’ve been through 911 and we made it just fine. We went through the 2008-2009 recession, and we made it through that. We made it through all these things…we’re Americans.

Now, it’s our 20th anniversary in 2020. We’re going forward in a healthy way, with great sanitizers and a great team, and with wonderful clients.

Our motto is to shine our light, and make someone’s day; whether or not we have appointments, we’ll still try to take care of you – whatever you need – call us, and we’ll see how we can help.

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Our Galleries remain open, on a limited basis.

Our Galleries remain open, on a limited basis, to serve our clients, and we’ve implemented the following measures:

  • Social distancing – no handshakes, high fives or fist bumps.
  • Limited access – no more than 10 people in our Gallery® at any given time.
  • Regular store cleaning and enhanced deep cleaning practices
  • All staff members are checking daily to ensure they aren’t sick. We’d never send someone who is sick to your home.
  • We maintain a social distance of 6-feet or more throughout the entirety of the appointment as we confirm measurements or install.
  • If you, the client, think you’re sick, we’re happy to re-schedule.

No doubt you’ve been impacted as well, but be assured at Custom Blinds we’re choosing to address this crisis with a spirit of faith, courage, compassion, and hope, rather than giving in to fear and anxiety. We’re keeping the health and well-being of our clients and employees as a top priority, while asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance as we navigate each new day.