Teresa was so easy and fun to work with! We took pictures of her windows and put them into our custom program: “Dream Draper”; we then made some drawings to show her what we could do at the window. Teresa wanted something to soften the “squareness” and curves of the window, yet still add texture. She liked the stationary side panels on short rods and thought they did exactly what she wanted, while adding another dimension to her room.

In the bedroom, Teresa didn’t really like her existing Pella windows with the built-in blinds. She couldn’t replace the windows; again, she wanted something to soften the room and block out more light. Since this is a bay window, we measured the angles of the window and had a Ripplefold track made to fit into that bay. The nice thing about these custom-made drapes as opposed to a Pinch Pleat, is you have the same amount of fabric and a luxurious look with fullness, yet the Ripplefolds stack back tighter because you don’t have the pleats at the top. We think it’s a very pretty look and so does Teresa!

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