Pirouette® Shade System

Artful designs for a fully dressed window.

Take control of your indoor lighting and make each room in your home look better than ever with the elegant, yet functional, Pirouette shades from Hunter Douglas.

Pirouette shades can soften even the harshest of sun rays, while letting in just the amount of light you want. The horizontal strips of fabric gently hover across a clear, flat drape of cloth that offers relief from harsh sunlight.

The horizontal fabric panels are three dimensional curved strips that open up or close to your desired level of light. The soft shape of the Pirouette shades can give a comforting look to every room in your home.

The large selection of fabrics, sizes, and colors gives you even more control over the exact look and feel you want to create for each particular room.

Pirouette shades from Hunter Douglas come in satin, satin metallic, angelica, shantung, bamboo flax, cotton, and linen – all available in 65 different colors. Each fabric and color combination are available in two size options: four-inch “petite” or five inch “grande.” You can even choose the opacity level you want, with shade options that partially obscure sunlight, or shades that totally darken a room.

The innovation and adjustable aesthetic don’t stop there. The Pirouette shades system is designed to look as clean as possible. Hunter Douglas’ Invisa-lift system creates the illusion that the fabric panels are truly floating in front of your windows, allowing your view to remain clear and beautiful.

As with any set of shades, you can fully pull up the Pirouette to let in the full light from outside.

You can learn more about the beautiful and inventive Pirouette shades here.

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