New Blinds FAQs

How long does it take for me to get my blinds?

Usually it takes about 3-4 weeks from when your blinds are ordered, to the time they’re installed in your home. But because of COVID, there’s a manufacturing backlog requiring 6-8 weeks until installation.  Yet be assured, we’ll get them in your home as soon as we can.

How much does a typical blind cost?

You can spend anywhere from around a hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars, or more, on an “average-sized” window, depending on how elaborate and ornate you want to get.  But remember, this is a custom treatment, built to your specifications, and we’ll listen to your needs, meet your budget, and get the right product at the right price for you.

I have vinyl windows. Can you install blinds on these types of windows?

Our Certified Hunter Douglas installers can work with all types of windows.  There are some vinyl-window companies that will even allow “inside mount” installations, which involves drilling into the vinyl window.  But due to warranty issues, we’ll need permission from your builder or window company before we drill into the vinyl.

Pella Window issues! Can you help?

I have a Pella window and was told I can only install blinds on the outside of the window frame.  I really don’t want to cover up my window trim, can you help?

In most instances, we can install our blinds what we call “inside mount” on your Pella windows.  It’s a specific skill set, an art really, our Hunter Douglas-certified installers have learned an inside mount is our preferred method of installation – we don’t want to cover up your beautiful woodwork either.

What about skylights or arches? Would you recommend coverings on these types of windows?

More than likely, you paid a lot of money for these beautiful types of windows, and unless there’s a sun issue, we should keep that skylight or arch open.  And if there is a heat or glare issue, we do have products which complement these types of windows and function beautifully.

What are people putting in their windows right now?

People are putting everything in their windows.  You don’t have to put the same thing in every window;  you can mix and match depending on your budget and needs.  You can splurge on a main window with a Silhouette and complement it with Nantuckets on the others.  That’s what great about Hunter Douglas, there’s such a great variety of products to fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Who does your installations?

We use only Hunter Douglas-certified installers.  These technicians undergo extensive training and are very particular about how your window coverings will look and function in your home.  These guys are good.

Repair FAQs

Do you repair blinds purchased through another dealer?

Yes, if those blinds are Hunter Douglas and you bring them to our Gallery®. We do not service any non-Hunter Douglas products.

Does Custom Blinds & Design carry Hunter Douglas parts?

Yes, we keep some parts in our Galleries®. Feel free to bring in your actual part to see if we have it in stock; if not, we’ll order it for you. Minor parts are free to Custom Blinds’ customers, with a small fee for non-customers.

How long will it take for me to get them back?

Allow 10-14 days for locally repaired blinds; 6-8 weeks for blinds shipped to Hunter Douglas.

How much does it cost?

All warranty repairs are free for the life of the blind for the original buyer. There may be a replacement fee for non-warranty parts such as a broken slat or other normal wear and tear items.

I bought my blinds through Custom Blinds & Design, what should I do if I need them fixed or serviced?

Just bring them to us and there’s no charge during your first year of ownership. If we need to come to your home, there’s a residential trip charge after the first year.

Will my blind be shipped out to be repaired?

If we can fix it here, we will. If not, we may ship it to Hunter Douglas, who then will ship it directly back to your home.

If you have further questions about repairs be sure to check out our How To Videos as well! We explain simple fixes that can save you a ton of time!

Custom Blinds – How To Videos