Our team of experienced designers await you.

We’ll coordinate your decorating project from start to finish. Our staff undergoes extensive training on Hunter Douglas window fashions and more – including design, measuring, installation and trouble shooting.

Sherri TafoyaOwner

As leader of our team, I work hard to ensure your experience with our Gallery®. I started this business by looking for something to be passionate about and grew it from the ground up. I then turned it over to God, (it’s His anyway), and here we are.

Sally Vandeberghe Sales Director

Sally is the person on our team who seems to know everyone, or wants to if she doesn’t already!  She’s known for celebrating the successes of others and rooting for staff members, other small businesses or community organizations.  Her presence enhances any ribbon cutting or networking event, which makes sense because that’s where you’ll often find her!

Susan Hall Designer

Susan has an incredible eye for design and color since growing up in Crete helping her parents with their floral shop.  Before her time at Custom Blinds, she owned a very successful faux painting company for many years, until we convinced her to join us a decade ago. We’re so happy she did and you will be too –  just ask her clients…they refer Susan to their friends all the time!

Jill Reed – Designer

Jill is multi-talented with high energy and her rapid-fire pace is a joy to see. As one of our custom design specialists, Jill has an eye for selecting just the right fabrics for window panels, decorator pillows and duvet covers. Whether your style is modern, traditional, transitional or eclectic, Jill always seems to find window treatments that make you say: “That’s it! I love it!”

Rhonda CashDesigner

Rhonda is fantastic at many things, especially in developing connections with clients. She excels as a Designer by taking the time to get to know people on a deeper level so she can get the exact shading to fit your needs. In the office, she’s also known as the company chef and do-it-yourselfer, as well as an occasional 32-ounce Diet Pepsi drinker.

Sarah Bohlen – Designer

Sarah’s a go-getter and quick to dive in on new projects. Her eye for color and textures to suit your lifestyle will give you confidence in her ability to make your house look even more beautiful. She loves representing a brand with style, fashion and the best reputation in the industry. A Designer with a heart of gold, Sarah’s twice visited Africa on mission trips and is eager to go again.

Kristine Benson – Designer

The newest member of our team is Omaha native Kristine Benson.  As a lifelong fashion enthusiast, she loves the high quality, “gorgeous” Hunter Douglas products and looks forward to helping you create beautiful spaces in your home.  She loves to have fun at every appointment and is proud of the many friends she’s made over the years with people who began as her clients.

Justin EisleyCertified Hunter Douglas Installer

Justin’s a guy who’s never met a challenge he wasn’t willing to tackle. Not only does he conquer challenges head on, he does so with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. His warmth is infectious so it’s never a surprise to hear a client raving about him. While he may lack hair on his head, he never lacks the energy to go above and beyond for our clients, his co-workers, or his family.

Marcus RamerCertified Hunter Douglas Installer

Marcus comes from a construction and architectural background and is the newest installer to join our team, thus giving him a unique ability to view things from a different perspective. He’s skilled in “outside-the-box” thinking to solve issues or tricky situations and will surprise you with his creative solutions.

Jessica SmallManaging Director

Jessica’s especially good at pushing our team to do better as a whole and be the best we can be. She does this through an extremely cheery attitude and a forward-thinking mindset. Maybe it’s all her practice with Jazzercise and PowerCycle? Whatever it is, Jess is the one we count on to continually improve our company and the relationships established through it.

Katelyn HouserOperations Director

Katelyn may have the most underrated job in our company. She’s responsible for watching the shipping date of your order, scheduling an installation time, and helping with repairs. She does so much behind-the-scenes to help make your experience with us amazing. She’s also very involved in the Wahoo Rodeo Club and was just married June 10th.

Kelsey HrabikSales Assistant

You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing twins! Yes, Kelsey is Katelyn’s sister and though she may be the quiet one, Kelsey’s always listening, which is why she’s so great with detail. And while her sister is indeed a sibling, Kelsey feels everyone at Custom Blinds is her family and will do what it takes to make you happy.

Sally DionAdministrative Assistant

Sally’s smile is familiar to anyone who’s ever visited the Gallery®. She’s been a part of our team since we opened our Omaha Gallery® in 2008. While parts and repairs are her areas of expertise, she also handles all the customer rebates and tax credit paperwork. She’s small, but mighty and makes a mean enchilada!

Kirk LandgrenCertified Hunter Douglas Installer

As an installer, Kirk has over 25 years of experience in blinds and custom treatments. Clients love working with him because he’s quick, efficient, knowledgeable, and punctual. While we hired him for those reasons, we keep him because he’s very tall and doesn’t need to use a ladder for many of our projects! Kirk is a great guy who ultimately makes sure you’re happy with your shadings before he leaves your home.

Larry KleinCertified Hunter Douglas Installer

Larry traded his baseball glove for an installer’s tool belt. Once a professional baseball player, he’s now a father of five and a certified Hunter Douglas Installer. Larry makes even the most challenging shutter installs look easy and gives great advice for those tough to diagnose windows.

Jeremy Klein – Certified Hunter Douglas Installer

Jeremy is a power expert! A former accountant, he left the bean-counting world to go into business with his dad, Larry. Now a certified Hunter Douglas Installer, Jeremy is our “geek” and the fastest power-shade programmer in the west. And he’ll coach you on how to operate your shades from your phone or iPad.

Quinn SmallCertified Hunter Douglas Installer

Midwest Motorization Specialist

I really enjoy interacting with people and especially like the technical side of window coverings. When I meet with clients, I ask myself: “How can I best understand what they’re looking for, and how do I best meet their expectations?” With my Hunter Douglas certifications and over eight years installing experience, I’m confident we’ll make your day!